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The formation of Aircraft Y12F

I am sure you are interested to know more about the Aerospace Y12F. So let me share the details about Aerospace Y12F. The Aerospace Y12F is an aircraft with high-wing, single vertical fin, a retractable tricycle landing gear and 2 PT6A-65B turboprop engines of Pratt & Whitney. Each engine is fitted with a low-noise, 5-blades metallic propeller of hartzell.

Do not hesitate about it, the Aerospace Y12F is very reliable, economic and also comfortable enough as an aircraft designed to the latest airworthiness regulations and by adopting advanced aeronautical technologies, that is confirmed with high safety system, payload and also easy to maintain.

Aerospace Y12F has a glass cockpit and the instrument panel incorporates 3 different multi function displays, standby instruments, warning lights and signal panel. Aerospace Y12F also has 2 pilot seats for each aircraft, with a navigator seat as option. Each of the aircraft are able to fit for 20 passengers for each time.

When it comes to the engines, it is formed with 2 PT6A-65B turboprop engines of the P&W. The fuel that they are using are Jet A, Jet A-1, JP5 and also RP-3. The take-off power for Aerospace Y12F is 1000 SHP, the maximum continuous power is 1000 SHP, and also the maximum cruise power will be 1000 SHP.

Besides, for the Engine part, the engine oil of Aerospace Y12F required propellers, engine adaptive propeller HC-B5MP-3D/M10876ANSK of HARTZELL.

Aerospace Y12F also have low noise 5 metallic blades Steel hub and auto feathering such as propeller UA Aerospace Y-12F Malaysia dia 2824 mm and maximum of rotation speed which is 1700 rpm.

When it comes to the cockpit part, the cockpit will be located between frames 5 and 11 Pilot door on the LH with an emergency window on the RH Pilot seats are adjustable forward and backward, up and down, both ways.

When it comes to the fuel system of Aerospace Y12F, there are 2 independent fuel systems feed left and right engine. The 2 integral fuel tanks inside Aerospace Y12F are in the wings with the maximum and also it is usable fuel capacity of 2600 kg.

Each of the tanks involved in the Aerospace Y12F has two booster pumps has primary fuel pump and emergency fuel pump.

A fuel cut off valve is provided for each fuel supply pipeline and also a cross feed valve that able to fit between the two fuel supply system.

Okay, let’s move on to the hydraulic system. The dual redundancy hydraulic systems are adopted, which is both primary and emergency. The primary hydraulic system supplies power for extending and retracting the landing gears, for nose steering and anti-skid brakes, and this is optional.

The pressure of the hydraulic system operating pressure will be 14MPa. The anti-icing and de-icing system will be including of the ice detection system while the pneumatic de-icing system of wing and empennage. Next, the electrical anti-icing devices for windshield wiper, windshield and propeller blades and also the engine air inlet inertia deflector.

For the ram air ventilation system is used for both cockpit and cabin to get fresh air. Adjustable air vent nozzle is available above each pilot seat and passenger seat.

The main applications will be the passenger, which is the cargo transportation maritime surveillance air dropping or the parachute jumping geological exploration.

To conclude, UA Aerospace Malaysia Y12F have a large potential to expand in the near future market, even to the overseas market. Nothing is impossible, right?…

Why Halal Food? Here are the reasons why

In the fourth industrial revolution where food manufacturing companies are racing against each other to be the best of its kind, we can see how amidst this uphill battle, there is a significant rise of halal food industry making its way from all over the world. They know it is best to sell halal food products due to high demands from clients as well as for not losing their Muslim customers now that the community is growing bigger than ever. Apart from that, the standards and conditions required for a product to be verified as halal take quite some time as there are many procedures need to be carried in full surveillance and detailed auditing. Thus, if a product does get a halal verification from an authoritative halal body, that means the product is of high quality and is safe to be consumed not just by Muslims but also non-Muslims who are searching for fresh and clean food to eat. That is why you can see how countries such as America are now having their own halal food outlets, New Zealand with their own halal frozen meat and also halal chicken supplier from Singapore.

So, what is it about the halal meat demand which is on the rise in the world market right now? Why do people want more of it? First and foremost, halal food contains no growth hormones in it. Halal meat is of the standard of other organic farm meats but with an additional tayyib or wholesome concept. This means that the animals are being well treated during their growth. They are free to move around as they like and free to graze at the farm or being well-fed by their owner. They should never be injected with hormones in order to make them fat. Why is this substance dangerous? It is because the growth hormones in food could accumulate in our bodies thus creating potential hormone-mimicking effects. Another harmful substance would be antibiotics. Too many antibiotics should be avoided at all cost as it could lead to drug resistance in human bodies besides increasing the potential of gaining weight.

Apart from that, halal meat also consists of no preservatives as these substances are said to notoriously triggered chemical changes in the body. This will later increase the risk of a body to get cancer-causing compounds and prohibit hemoglobin from carrying oxygen around the circulatory system. Some of the preservatives are E252, E251, E250 and E249. Another key benefit of consuming halal meat is that it contains no pesticides. There is lesser synthetic pesticides that can be found in halal meat compared to the conventional ones. This is not just to ensure the animal’s health but also minimising the environmental effect. Pesticides are dangerous as the transference of fit from the animal to our body could cause concentration of toxins in body tissues. So, if you aim to cut fat intakes in your food, it is the best choice to opt for halal meat instead.

All in all, there are myriad of goodness in halal food consumption thus explains why the halal food industry is bolstering more than ever in today’s world. So check out any halal meat singapore supplier today.…

Get To Know Elements of SEO

Having a website is a powerful way to grow your business. But what is the point of having a website when people cannot find your website in search engine? If people cannot find you, then no one would open your site. If you are having this problem, then you need to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. SEO improve the visibility of your website among all search engine. SEO experts in SEO Malaysia are aware that a lot of business are having this problem, that is why it is important for people to firstly understand the elements of SEO.

  • Relevant domain name

It is important that your domain name represent the business field you are running in. For example, you might run a technology company yet your domain and the title do not say anything about technology. People might get hesitated to click on your domain, as it sounds nothing like what they are looking for.

  • Keywords

Keywords are the most basic thing on creating a website. What would people type when they go look for your website? These words should be in your website. You need to do proper research on what keywords are people usually use when searching for services of your company. There are some tools online regarding keywords search, you should take a look at them to put better keywords in your website.

  • Indexed

Getting your site indexed is very important. Although the background process requires more technical knowledge, but basically getting indexed is like an admission process. If your school does not have your data in its student database, you do not exist. Likewise, search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo should also have your site data, and index it. Indexing improve your site visibility.

  • Backlinks

When a lot of websites refer your site on their page, Google would think that your site is important then put it on the top result page. It is both simple and complex though to build back links to your site. SEO experts have various methods in regard of back link building.

Now you see that many things need to be considered in order to improve your SEO. Having website itself is not enough, you need to improve the visibility through SEO.