Having a website is a powerful way to grow your business. But what is the point of having a website when people cannot find your website in search engine? If people cannot find you, then no one would open your site. If you are having this problem, then you need to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. SEO improve the visibility of your website among all search engine. SEO experts in SEO Malaysia are aware that a lot of business are having this problem, that is why it is important for people to firstly understand the elements of SEO.

  • Relevant domain name

It is important that your domain name represent the business field you are running in. For example, you might run a technology company yet your domain and the title do not say anything about technology. People might get hesitated to click on your domain, as it sounds nothing like what they are looking for.

  • Keywords

Keywords are the most basic thing on creating a website. What would people type when they go look for your website? These words should be in your website. You need to do proper research on what keywords are people usually use when searching for services of your company. There are some tools online regarding keywords search, you should take a look at them to put better keywords in your website.

  • Indexed

Getting your site indexed is very important. Although the background process requires more technical knowledge, but basically getting indexed is like an admission process. If your school does not have your data in its student database, you do not exist. Likewise, search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo should also have your site data, and index it. Indexing improve your site visibility.

  • Backlinks

When a lot of websites refer your site on their page, Google would think that your site is important then put it on the top result page. It is both simple and complex though to build back links to your site. SEO experts have various methods in regard of back link building.

Now you see that many things need to be considered in order to improve your SEO. Having website itself is not enough, you need to improve the visibility through SEO.